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Product Overview


Components such as the 360° patella gel pad, 4 x spring side stabilizers, 2 extra adjustable straps, elastic compression fabric can significantly effective reduce the pressure of the knee joint and help the meniscus to recover.


Wrap around the patella to enhance the stability of the kneecap and relax tendons and prevent muscle strain. Relieve ACL, LCL, MCL, PCL pain, prevent ligament injury, fracture, dislocation and so on. It is Perfect for Pain Recovery or Workout.


Designed with plenty of ventilation holes, the air knit fabric can instantly absorb and evaporate large amounts of water. The adjustable straps allow you to adjust tightness by your own. It will bring the best support feeling for you!

Packed With Great Features

Orthoflexics has been making knee braces for years, and the Orthoflexics Knee Sleeve PRO™ is packed with technology to ensure proper care for you.

With its specialized fabric blend that provides all-around stable pressure and the ventilation holes keeping an optimal temperature around the joint - you can be sure we're taking good care of your knees!

Open-Patella Shock Absorbing Gel Pad

An anatomically contoured patella gel pad surrounds the kneecap, designed specifically for people with kneecap pain or joint injuries. It will ensure proper alignment with the rest of the joint

Breathable & Flexible Materials

Our Air Knit fabric can instantly evaporate large amounts of water. The synthetic fiber blend designed with large area of vents, wicks away any sweat and minimizes odors.

4 x Spring Stabilizers

Double-sided metal spring stabilizers fit tightly with your knee joint. These special functional element strengthen side support and maintains joint stability.

2 Extra Adjustable Elastic Belts

Elastic pressure belt and adjustable Velcro design, freely adjust the most suitable for your tightness, so that the knee brace can be better fixed on the knee. It is more stable than other similar products.

Why Orthoflexics is your BEST choice?

This knee brace provides all-round support for your knees, especially transverse support, which can better protect your knees, avoid lateral displacement, and effectively prevent the occurrence and development of knee problems.

Keep your knees warm, improve blood circulation in joints, promote the absorption of inflammation, the repair of damaged joint tissues, relieve joint pain and improve joint mobility.

It can significantly relieve pain caused by knee arthritis, meniscus injury, tendon ligament injury, ACL, LCL, MCL, PCL, sprained and operative care.

Enjoy your favorite sports or activities

Widely used in many sports such as Running, Jogging, Gym, Weightlifting, Basketball and more! Also a good choice for people who recover after surgery or who stand or walk for a long time. You can get 24 hours of support in your daily life.

Start healing and speed up recovery, with therapeutic compression that reduces inflammation, promotes circulation and healing. Help your injured knee, but do not limit yourself from doing your usual activities.

Versatile for All Ages and Genders

The knee braces are suitable for both left and right thighs, Universal for men and women.

The ORTHOFLEXICS Knee Sleeve PRO™ has an ADJUSTABLE SIZE that fits most needs. Best suited for leg circumference of 35 - 50 cm / 13.77'' - 19.68'' (measured at 10 cm / 4'' above the knee cap)

How to measure? 

SUITABLE FOR LEG CIRCUMFERENCE OF of 35 - 50 cm / 13.77'' - 19.68''

  1. Measure standing up. Start at 4''/ 10cm ABOVE your knee cap.
  2. Measure around your thigh.
  3. Make sure it is within the mentioned size range.

"I recently tore my median meniscus, and I was very fortunate it was a very minor injury. I'm very glad I purchased this knee brace! Love the additional support with crisscross straps."

Laura Walsh


How to measure? 


35 - 50 cm / 13.77'' - 19.68''

  1. Measure standing up. Start at 4''/ 10cm ABOVE your knee cap.
  2. Measure around your thigh.
  3. Make sure it is within the mentioned size range.

What are the benefits of wearing the ORTHOFLEXICS Knee Sleeve PRO™ ? 

Here's What Our Knee Sleeve Helps With















And also...

✔ Reduces the painful effects of an injured knee by reducing its movement

✔ Stabilize your knee after ACL surgery

✔ Keep dislocated patella in its place during workout or fitness activity

✔ Transfer the weight off your injured knee (especially during knee osteoarthritis) to reduce the pain

✔ Protects from injuries during sports, workout, and exercise

Will this fit a thigh that is 22” around?

No, this model is suitable for leg circumference of about 35 - 50 cm / 13.77'' - 19.68''. We are planning to release this model for larger leg sizes in the near feature. Please do not hesitate to contact us at support@orthoflexics.com, and we will get back to you when it will be released.  

How can a Knee Sleeve help relieve pain caused by Arthritis? Can a Knee Replacement be avoided?

🔬Here's what researchers say...
Many knees can be strengthened -- so people can walk normally -- by lowering inflammation and exercise.
This two-step combo can help some people avoid a knee replacement completely.
Brisk walking 🏃‍♀ for just 20 minutes a day can help reduce the need -- by 16% -- for a total knee replacement, a Chicago study finds.
🤔Sound like a catch-22?
... because movement can be painful for those of us with arthritis, or meniscus tear, or ACL tear, or common knee pain.
Could this explain the rising popularity of knee braces?
Knee Compression Braces keep an optimal (warm) temperature around the knee joint that accelerates blood circulation, which in turn improves oxygen delivery. Higher oxygen levels help reduce pain and speed up recovery.
When our inflammation, stiffness, and swelling gets reduced… the pain goes away and it's easier to move and walk.🙌
These knee compression braces are made with a 3D knitting technology that provides all-around stable pressure. Our knee brace design matches perfectly the knee anatomy, offering 3600 superior compression and support for a full range of motion. This makes them COMFORTABLE to wear ALL DAY.

What about sweat? 

The knee brace is made of advanced neoprene material. The inner fabric is in direct contact with the skin. It absorbs sweat and breathes freely to prevent uncomfortable skin conditions. The outer perforated design is convenient for perspiration. You can get support in daily activities around the clock, whether it is sports, walking, It is also an ideal choice for people recovering from surgery or standing or walking for long periods of time.

How to wear it / put in on? 

What if I don't like it? Can I return it? 

Shop with peace of mind! We are so confident you would love our products, that our return policy lasts for 30 days. We do not want your money if you are unsatisfied! Return your product within 30 days after you received your item and we would be happy to offer you a refund.

If your product is defective, immediately let our staff know and we'll send you a replacement.

There's even more to love...

Adjustable & Easy to Put On!

The inner Velcro straps make it easy to put on and off, and also it adjusts to fit your size perfectly. Additionally, it is packaged with 2 extra magic straps that allows you to adjust tightness by your own. It will bring the best support feeling for you!

BEST CHOICE for sports protection and pain recovery

Effectively prevent meniscus tear, strain, sprain, relieve ACL, LCL, MCL, relieve tendinitis and knee arthritis pain. Also a good choice for people who recover after surgery or who stand or walk for a long time.

Comfortable All Day Long

Provides additional support than standard sleeve while still allowing knee mobility. Thicker than ordinary knee sleeves to provide extra reinforcement without sacrificing comfort, you can wear it all day long!

ORTHOFLEXICS Knee Sleeve PRO Is Made From Recycled Materials

Join Our Mission And Help Us Keep The Environment Clean

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  • Excellent!

    Posted by Betty

    Verified Purchase


    FINALLY a knee brace that helps! I have MANY knee braces and THIS one does the job!

  • Excellent!

    Posted by Jose S

    Verified Purchase


    I have a torn meniscus and am medically going to be treated. This knee brace has given my knee stability until my knee is medically treated. I have found this knee brace to be a good product.

  • review image

    Posted by William

    Verified Purchase


    Fits really well. Make sure to measure yourself correctly. Gives good comfort support.

  • review image

    Posted by Jack W.

    Verified Purchase


    It is perfect! You feel more stable right away. Very soft and sturdy.

  • Good!

    Posted by Paul

    Verified Purchase


    Helps a great deal in stabilizing my knee. Much less pain, longer mobility.

  • Excellent!

    Posted by Ellis Baker

    Verified Purchase


    This knee brace helped my knee feel stronger when playing tennis and running. I ran 8 miles yesterday and it felt good. No chafing. Very secure. This brace was recommended to me by my tennis coach.

  • review image

    Posted by Mark Foster

    Verified Purchase


    Very good quality, well made. Velcro stays put. Very good length. This gives me more stability to walk and stand securely.

  • Good!

    Posted by Tommy F

    Verified Purchase


    Very convenient and the quality is excellent. Knee in good static. The fabric is reliable and dicing. Recommend.

  • Excellent!

    Posted by Maya

    Verified Purchase


    Love this knee brace. Very nice soft fabric. Amazing. If you get knee pain or discomfort from knee bending exercises or walking, I highly recommend this one.