ORTHOFLEXICS Elbow Compression Sleeve™ (1 Pair)

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Product Overview

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ORTHOFLEXICS Elbow Compression Sleeves™ are designed to give your elbows and tendons the support they need to comfortably perform highly repetitive and stressful motions so you can continue to enjoy all that life has to offer.

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We recommend wearing our elbow sleeve to relieve pain and improve recovery from the following conditions:

✔️ Joint Inflammation

✔️ Golfer’s Elbow

✔️ Tennis Elbow

✔️ Arthritis

✔️ Tendonitis

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Stabilizing Support

When you put on our sleeves, you’ll notice how there’s enough compression to ease your elbow pain without being so tight that it cuts off your circulation.

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Slim - Fits Under Clothing

We say it’s like a second skin for a reason! A compression sleeve will easily fit under a long sleeve, sweatshirt, or jacket. Making it that much more convenient.

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Versatile Use

Giving you the freedom to hit that tennis game or sit at your desk typing all day long. No matter the activity you will be ready to tackle it in Orthoflexics sleeves.

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Zero-Slip Silicone Band

Double silicone anti-slip wave provides the best grip so you won’t have to readjust it during daily activities. It doesn't roll, slide, or slip down.

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Breathable Sleeves

If you plan on staying physically active in these sleeves, you don’t have to worry about them generating a ton of sweat. The fabric allows moisture to evaporate from your skin quickly.

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Non-Irritating Yarn

Soft to the touch and seamless. This isn’t a sleeve that you want to rip off after a few minutes of use because it’s too scratchy, annoying, or itchy.

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(5 reviews) Write a Review

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  • review image

    Posted by David Thomson

    Verified Purchase


    I have joint hypermobility syndrome (EDS - hypermobility type) and I suffer greatly from this, my elbows are what people would call double jointed, but that is not actually a real thing, no one is actually double jointed. But that being said, if you suffer from that, or even something not as severe, these could really help you. They went a long way in stabilizing my elbows which helped ease pain all down the arm, not just in the elbow. I like that there are no metal bars or contraptions like you will see in other orthopedic braces, which makes these more ideal for periods of extended use. I highly recommend.

  • review image

    Posted by Emilly Haddock

    Verified Purchase


    I've been having persistent issues with tendentious and refuse to let it slow me down. I've tweaked my activity a bit to be more conscious of the healing process but these sleeves are a tremendous help in not only easing the pain but also support during my workouts.

  • review image

    Posted by Peter Gamble

    Verified Purchase


    I have tennis elbow as a result of weight lifting. The elbow pain has dramatically limited what I can do, and how much weight I can push (more accurately - pull). I didn't hold out much hope for this elbow support, but it actually reduces the pain while lifting by probably 50 to 60 percent. When not actually lifting, it pretty much eliminates the pain entirely. It seems like a good product and I'm certainly pleased with it.

  • review image

    Posted by Grace Nisbet

    Verified Purchase


    I bought these for my daughter who is a bartender. They do a whole lot of shaking these days with craft cocktails. She has been complaining about her elbows really starting to hurt. She has only worn them two days now, but she feels that they are helping relieve some pain and giving her some added support. Compared to some other brands that ask a lot more for just one, these are a bargain, as you get two in the package. They came super fast too, which was nice as she was getting into crisis mode with the pain.

  • review image

    Posted by Chris Frazer

    Verified Purchase


    I’ve been wearing this for about 5 hours. I used it at work and it DID help with the mild-moderate pain I’ve been having at repetitive tasks. Reaching up and side to side, along with normal movement and occasionally carrying heavy things.
    I can still feel the pain but it’s dulled it so much. Just enough that I know it’s still there.
    My hand is not swollen like it was with the full sleeve, glove or small wrist compression.