Resistance Bands - Exercise Bands for Legs, Glutes and Arms, Workout Bands for Squats & Pilates

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Ideal for Training at Home

✔ Specifically designed to target glutes, hips and shoulders to increase strength and stability

✔ Whole body conditioning, strength and movement. Perfect to build muscles and burn fat

✔ Use pre and post-exercise to improve sports specific movements and recover faster

✔ Use anywhere – on the field, at home, gym, or when traveling

workout bands for legs

No Gym Necessary! Stretching, strength training, prevention - These Resistance Bands are handy all-rounders for effective and intensive training of the entire body. The elastic bands offer a variety of workout options, even in confined space training, and are ideal for the targeted activation and training of major muscle loops like thighs and the shoulder girdle and complete muscle chains. In addition, they are also ideal for dynamic warm-ups or during regeneration phases after injury of knee and shoulder. The color-coded, 5 different strengths available supply for any level of fitness for royalty difficulty and can be installed individually or in combination in practice, for example, with sideways movements, squats, shoulder stabilization exercises etc.

Resistance bands can be used to exercise all parts of muscles.

resistance bands glutes

The powerbands mini challenge your muscles by creating resistance in multiple directions. You must stabilize against this resistance to maintain the correct movement pattern for each exercise. The result is increased strength in the targeted muscle group. As an added bonus, stabilizer and support muscles, which are often neglected during traditional training, are also strengthened.

Glutes Workouts

resistance bands glutes

Arm Workouts

resistance bands arm workout

Leg Workouts

workout bands legs

Reduce injuries with powerbands training - low-impact and easy on the joints. For everyone who spends the majority of their day seated, the mini band is one of the best workout tools you can use. When you sit for long periods of time, the muscles get short and tight. Minibands can easily target your glutes. Strengthening the glute medius will counter the negative effects caused by sitting for long periods of time.

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Build strength, burn body fat, and improve your condition, no matter your fitness level. Get Yours Now!