Zen Cushion Set™ - Office Chair Cushion & Lumbar Pillow for Best Support, Desk Chair Cushion & Lumbar Cushion with Ergonomic Seat Cushion Design

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Product Overview

Office Chair Cushion

Imagine sitting all day on any chair without back pain in total comfort.

The ORTHOFLEXICS Zen Cushion Set™ is scientifically designed to relieve back pressure and improve sitting posture on any chair, sofa, recliner or car seat. It contours naturally against the back to provide effective lumbar support for all-day back comfort.

  • Office or Working from Home - Instantly add satisfying lumbar support to any chair and enjoy improved and enhanced productivity.
  • Relaxing or TV Watching - Enjoy soothing lower back relief whether you are sitting on the sofa, recliner or reading in bed.
  • Driving - Enjoy comfy cushioning with every drive without fatigue.
  • Always Supportive - Extra dense memory foam provides excellent support even against soft backings like beds and pillows.
  • Grippy Bottom - Secures the cushion against your chair, removable in seconds.
  • Adjustable Secure Strap - Accommodates any chair back, and grips tightly to prevent sliding.


Desk Chair Cushion

100% Premium Memory Foam

The office chair cushion utilize durable, high density memory foam to balance between too little and too much cushioning. Too little support can result in further pain, while too much can result in incorrect positioning and sitting in an awkward position.

Ergonomic Seat Cushion

Non-slip Rubber Bottom

The textured bottom on the tailbone cushion stays securely in any seat. Perfect for your office or kitchen chairs, car, truck, wheelchair, computer desk chairs, and couch.

Lumbar Pillow for Lower Back Support

Breathable Mesh Cover

The durable mesh fabric cover of the desk chair cushion can minimize heat buildup and provide superior air circulation and breathability to keep you cool while easily standing up to tough everyday use.

Lumbar Cushion

Corrective Sitting Posture

The lumbar pillow responds to the heat of your body to provide the optimal density of cushioning for truly support.

The lumbar cushion provides a perfect blend of comfort and support for your upper, mid, or low back.

desk chair cushion

Added Comfort and Stability

The two adjustable straps provide seating stability, keeping the ergonomic seat cushion in place and maximizing support and therapeutic effectiveness.


Machine Washable Cover

Washing: The ORTHOFLEXICS Desk Chair Cushion & Lumbar Pillow come with a conveniently removable hypoallergenic cover that is machine washable.

Drying: Air dry only.

* The memory foam pillow core is not washable.

Here's what our customers are saying

Office Chair Seat Cushion

"Since work from home started, I was looking for a solution to get the best comfort! I found it, and it's way cheaper than buying an office chair"

Richard D

Seat Cushion for Driving

"I love it! It makes driving less painful!"

Nicole G.

Desk Chair Cushion & Lumbar Pillow

"I love this desk chair cushion. It helps promote better posture. My back doesn't hurt after working long hours"



Who is this office chair cushion & lumbar pillow set for? 

The ORTHOFLEXICS Zen Cushion Set™ is for anyone that's looking to sit comfortably for an extended period of time. Its unique multi-region pressure relief design provides even body weight distribution, better sitting posture, and coccyx/tailbone relief. It also provides effective lower back pain and sciatic relief. You can enjoy the ultimate working/sitting comfort that keeps your body loose and relaxed.

How can I clean the desk chair cushion?

Washing: The ORTHOFLEXICS Zen Cushion Set™ comes with a conveniently removable hypoallergenic cover that is machine washable.

Drying: Air dry only.

* The memory foam pillow core is not washable.

What are the materials it is made from? 

  • Elastic eco-friendly recycled polyester outer shell.
  • Breathable eco-friendly recycled polyester mesh inner cover.
  • 100% premium, high density, memory foam to balance between too little and too much cushioning

What about size? What are the dimensions of the ergonomic seat cushion?

What if I don't like it? Can I return it? 

Shop with peace of mind! We are so confident you would love our products, that our return policy lasts for 30 days. We do not want your money if you are unsatisfied! Return your product within 30 days after you received your item and we would be happy to offer you a refund.

If your product is defective, immediately let our staff know and we'll send you a replacement.

Would you like to enjoy TOTAL COMFORT all day long? Get yours NOW!


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  • Excellent!

    Posted by Tracy M

    Verified Purchase


    I love the product. So comfortable to sit on. My husband likes to use it when driving longer distances.